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Earls Court

Earls Court is a district in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in London, England. It is an inner-city district centred on Earl's Court Road and surrounding streets, located 3.1 miles (5 km) west south-west of Charing Cross. It borders the sub-districts of South Kensington to the East, West Kensington to the West, Chelsea to the South and Kensington to the North.
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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Led Zeppelin - Earl's Court (1975) - "Trampled Underfoot"

Led Zeppelin - Earl's Court (1975) - Trampled Underfoot

Royal College of Art

The Royal College of Art (often abbreviated RCA) is the world’s only wholly postgraduate university of art and design, offering the degrees of MA, MPhil and PhD. The University is located in South Kensington and Battersea in London, United Kingdom.

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Monday, 19 April 2010

Earls Court Bachelor Pads

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Londinium was established as a town by the Romans after the invasion of AD 43 led by the Roman Emperor Claudius. Archaeologists now believe that Londinium was founded as a civilian settlement or civitas by AD 50. A wooden drain by the side of the main Roman road excavated at No 1 Poultry has been dated by dendrochronology to 47 which is likely to be the foundation date.

Prior to the arrival of the Roman Legions, the area was almost certainly lightly rolling open countryside traversed by streams such as Walbrook. Londinium was established at the point where the Thames was narrow enough to build a bridge, but deep enough to handle sea going marine vessels. Remains of a massive Roman pier base for a bridge were found in 1981, close to the modern London Bridge.

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The Heruli (spelled variously in Latin and Greek) were a nomadic Germanic people, who were subjugated by the Ostrogoths, Huns, and Byzantines in the 3rd to 5th centuries. The name is related to earl and was probably an honorific military title. One of the Heruli, Odoacer, deposed the last Western Roman Emperor, Romulus Augustus.

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Covent Garden

Covent Garden is a district in London, England, located in the easternmost parts of the City of Westminster and the southwestern corner of the London Borough of Camden. The area is dominated by shopping, street performers, and entertainment facilities, and it contains an entrance to the Royal Opera House, which is also widely-known simply as "Covent Garden", and the bustling Seven Dials area.

The area is bounded by High Holborn to the north, Kingsway to the east, the Strand to the south and Charing Cross Road to the west. Covent Garden Piazza is located in the geographical centre of the area and was the site of a flower, fruit and vegetable market from the 1500s until 1974, when the wholesale market relocated to New Covent Garden Market in Nine Elms. Nearby areas include Soho, St James's, Bloomsbury, and Holborn.


Earl was the Anglo-Saxon form and jarl the Scandinavian form of a title meaning "chieftain" and referring especially to chieftains set to rule a territory in a king's stead. In Scandinavia, it became obsolete in the Middle Ages and was replaced with duke (hertig/hertug); in later medieval Britain, it became the equivalent of the continental count (in England in the earlier period, it was more akin to duke, while in Scotland it assimilated the concept of mormaer).

In modern Britain, an earl is a member of the peerage, ranking below a marquess and above viscount. The English never developed a feminine form of earl; the wife of an earl is styled countess (the continental equivalent).